Cooling Water Treatment Systems

Proven to solve scaling and bio-contamination problems

IPT Engineering are delighted to support Universal Environmental Technology in the introduction of their cooling water treatment system to the UK.

Providing a chemical free solution, the process is proven to solve scaling and bio-contamination problems within the cooling tower water system.

This Green Technology will reduce water usage, removes the costs of handling and dealing with chemicals additives, at the same time reducing maintenance requirements.

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Proven Excellent Results

An effective dual treatment proven to solve scaling and bio-contamination problems in cooling towers.

Green Technology

No chemicals and no hazardous effluent to the environment.

Saving Water

A clean blowdown saves up to 80%, through increasing cycles of concentration.

Considerable Savings

Fast return of investment by eliminating the cost and handling of chemicalsand reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Easy Logistics, Operations & Maintenance

Fully automated and user friendly. Chemical-free means no trucking, storing and handling of unpleasant and hazardous materials.

A Natural Breakthrough

Achieve improved and more economical performance

Universal Environment Technology (UET) believe in working with nature to achieve improved and more economical performance at cooling tower water treatment systems. Their patented and award winning technology uses the existing attributes of water to solve costly problems and eliminates risks in cooling tower water systems.

UET designated reactors are designed to solve three problems simultaneously:

  1. Precipitating hard minerals in a calculated and controlled chamber to solve scaling problems.
  2. Oxidizing and removing dissolved metals to prevent corrosion.
  3. Producing in-situ biocide to eliminate biological contamination.
Water Treatment Systems