Harmonic Reducers

Beyond the conventional speed changing devices

IPT Engineering are delighted to be the distributor of Laifual Harmonic Gearbox Drives in the UK.

Harmonic reducers are highly compact, lightweight mechanical gear systems consisting of just three individual components.

Offering high reduction ratios of up to 160:1, zero backlash and high torque outputs, Harmonic Reducers offer a simple effective alternative to traditional gearmotors in demanding applications.

The primary benefit of Harmonic Reducers is zero backlash which, when coupled to a servomotor, allows for precise positioning accuracy with excellent repeatability of machinery making them ideal for applications that need a high level of accurate control.

Robust and simple in design, the gear ratios are reconfigurable within a standard housing ensuring changes to process requirements can be easily made without major drive modifications. The Harmonic Reducer requires minimal maintenance throughout its life.

Typical applications include machine tools, industrial process control, robotics, aerospace packaging, crating and warehousing systems.

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Harmonic Reducers
Harmonic Reducers

Zero Backlash

Harmonic reducers boast no increase in backlash throughout their lifetime.

Accuracy & Repeatability

With excellent positioning accuracy of less than one minute of arc and a repeatability of a few arc seconds.

Small & Lightweight

Much more compact and lighter than conventional gears.

High Ratios

Consisting of only three components, ratios from 30:1 to 160:1 can be achieved in one stage.

Reliability & Long Life

Reaching far higher mean times between failure values than other gear types.

Planetary Gear Reducers

Handling the toughest bulk materials

We are also a distributor of Laifual Planetary Gear Reducers to the UK.

These planetary gear reducers offer great advantages in terms of weight reduction and space saving with a compact light weight design.

Available in various shapes to interface with different input and output devices. Torque is equally distributed across the planetary gears to ensure only a small load is applied to each gear.

Other benefits include:

  • Quiet Operation
    Helical gears contribute to reduce vibration and noise.
  • High Precision
    Standard backlash is 3 arc-min, ideal for precision control.
  • Adapter-bushing Connection
    Can be attached to any motor all over the world.
  • No Grease Leakage
    Perfect solution using high viscosity anti-separation grease.
  • Maintenance-free
    No need to replace the grease for the life of the unit. Can be attached in any position.
Planetary Gear Reducers
Planetary Gear Reducers